Hey - Welcome to the Cloud! Any resemblance to anyone living (or dead) is strictly coincidental - for the most part. Well, a sea turtle did almost take me into the abyss in Waikiki but here I live to tell the tale. Don't ride a turtle, but if you do - don't grab him above his head - they can clinch up and its sha na na na. There, I may have just saved a life.

Which is what YODO is all about - LIFE! Laugh in the face of death, HAHA! LIVE as if there were no dinosaurs! JUMP from a perfectly good airplane - if you're crazy as hell. Play golf in the rain - even if you don't like Pina Coladas...you get the drift.

 And if you or somebody you know would like to share my unlightened outlook on the inevitability of life and are interested in possibly owning, or better yet - SELLING these rags of redemption - please do feel free to contact me. I'll be right here setting the staves for the barrel I'm going to ride over Niagara Falls - I am considering a stunt double.

More to come - Cher them with your friends.